And you are?

We are Robo Pixel.

We make video games.

What are you doing right now?

We're working on a game of course! Gunnihilation

What's the deal?


Gunnihilation is a fast and chaotic 2D platform shooter combining the game-play of side-scrolling run and gun games with top down dual stick shooters.

Defeat the global machinations of the evil' Cabal' and their army of mutants and robots.


  • Mash up of run and gun, twin stick and bullet hell shoot'em ups

  • Fight hundreds of enemies, leaving their ragdoll debris littering the battlefield

  • Local Cooperative play up to four players

  • Eight Weapons with unique special abilities such as Bullet shields and Cannon shots

  • Devastating 'Frenzy' super attack

  • Multiple difficulty modes for players of all levels of experience

  • Level Editor

  • Got any gifs?


    Okay I'm curious...

    Try our (old!) Prototype:

    Gunnihilation Prototype on

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